Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Do you have evening hours or weekend hours?
A: Yes, both. We are open until 8:30 pm on Thursday nights and until 12:00 pm on most Saturdays.

Q: Do you treat eye infections?
A: Yes. We treat red eye infections, Conjunctivitis, contact lens related eye problems, foreign body removal, etc.
Please call if you are unsure about what your particular problem is, and our staff can find out if we are the best fit.

Q: Do you have an Emergency call line?
A: Yes. We are part of a group of local Optometrists providing 24 hour Emergency Services. If our office is not open, please call the phone number available on our voicemail or visit our Contact Us page. The number will connect you directly with the on-call Doctor and he/she will be able to help you solve your emergency.

Q: What brands of Contact Lenses do you fit?
A: We fit all brands of contact lenses in our office. We do not have all fitting sets for all brands at the office, but we have access to all brands of trial lenses and supply boxes. We will fit the brand that we think will suit your needs and your eyes best.